Getting Started

In our busy and hectic lives, we often wish that we had more of God’s peace, more of his joy and love in our lives, but never really get around to doing anything about it. Life Journaling helps us make more room in our lives for God, and consequently more of the fruit of His Spirit (Gal. 5:13).

The process is pretty straight forward. Taking a simple notebook, a pen, and your Bible, take some time each day to create space for God. This is done by incorporating three tried and true spiritual disciplines: reading God’s Word, contemplative prayer, and spiritual journaling.

First develop a plan to read God’s word – several links are available on the right hand side of this page. Next, follow the SOAP guide to reflect on what you have read and write down your observations and applications of your interaction with God’s Word in a journal (it done’st have to be a fancy calfskin-leather-bound-gilded-page edition, as I have often used an inexpensive five-subject student notebook). Third, talk to God about what you have read and reflected on and jot down some of the highlights.

That will get you started. And remember that while Life Journaling is between you and God, you’re not alone in doing it. I will be blogging some ideas and thoughts at this site to offer encouragement and to help share what we learn along the way.

-Pastor Matt

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